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Candidate Debates Oct 13 and 14

18. September 2008 • Chuck Warpehoski
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The League of Women Voters is organizing candidate debates for area offices including WCC Trustee, County Sheriff, City Council, and State House.

The debates will be broadcast on CTN Channel 19. You can see the whole schedule here.

  1. And don’t forget mayor!

    Are these debates open to the public or are they held in a CTN studio or something?

       —Nick    Sep. 19 '08 - 02:57AM    #
  2. Does anyone know anything about state House write-in candidate Thomas Partridge who is slated to be a debater? He is often speaking at the Public Commentary segment of City Council meetings.

       —Kerry D.    Sep. 29 '08 - 06:42AM    #
  3. Don’t forget the debates for Mayor, Ward 5 and Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees Candidates are tonight on CTN (Comcast Channel 19) beginning at 7:00. In addition, if you forgot to watch last night, the CTN replay schedule is here. In a great new addition, online “Video on Demand” is now available for these debates. How does Video on Demand work? Just go to the CTN home page, click on the “Video On Demand” link in the menu on the left, then click on “A2CitiTV” to select from a list of available online videos. The videos may take a bit of time to load and the one I clicked on didn’t have the best sound, but this is a great step forward and something people have wanted for a long time. Note that the programs will be available 24 hours after their live broadcast.

       —Juliew    Oct. 15 '08 - 02:16AM    #
  4. What are the mayoral candidates’ positions on the Human Rights Commission’s campaign to stop investing in Israel? Is that still going on?

       —The Colonel    Oct. 15 '08 - 06:03AM    #
  5. I recently viewed a recording of the debates between the primary winners of the 15th District Court and Sheriff’s races. I felt that all four did reasonably well, even though I’m a big fan of Gutenberg as well as the Republican nominee for county sheriff. Does anyone have any other opinions after viewing these two debates?

       —Kerry D.    Oct. 27 '08 - 05:25AM    #
  6. I think Eric Gutenberg will be a great Judge too. He’s got great support besides you Kerry – including soon-to-be Sheriff Jerry Clayton, Judges Nancy Francis, Ann Mattson, Libby Hines, Betty Wigdeon, the Ann Arbor Police Officers Assocation AND the Progressives of Washtenaw. Pretty amazing for someone who’s never run for office before.

       —4810blue    Oct. 28 '08 - 04:29AM    #
  7. Why didn’t he stop the prosecution of Doctor Catherine Wilkerson?

       —The Colonel    Oct. 28 '08 - 04:46AM    #
  8. You raise an interesting quetion, Colonel. I do not know if his supervisory standing with the County Prosecutor’s office gave him any say over the decision to initiate charges against Dr. Wilkerson. I do not recall any of the candidates raising the Wilkerson prosecution as a campaign issue, however Catherine Wilkerson’s supporters can be credited of having made extensive efforts in opposing the candidacy of then-Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Margaret Connors, who served as trial prosecutor in the case.

       —Mark Koroi    Oct. 28 '08 - 07:29AM    #
  9. What are the Green Party candidates’ platforms in Ann Arbor?

       —The Colonel    Oct. 29 '08 - 03:06PM    #