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City Council: Brownfield Plans

20. October 2008 • Juliew
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Monday, October 20 at 7:00 pm.
Ann Arbor City HallAgenda


  • Resolutions to approve Maple Shoppes planned project and brownfield plan (ALDI foods site proposal on the corner of Dexter and Maple)
  • Resolutions to approve 601 Forest site plan, development agreement, and brownfield plan (the new and improved version)
  • Resolution to approve MichiGinns project brownfield plan (site of the former Michigan Inn on Jackson Rd)
  • Approve allocation of $250,000.00 to fund a two-year supportive housing services pilot project
  • Resolution to approve the conversion of Ann Street between 5th Ave. and Division St. to one way (eastbound) to accommodate police-courts building construction

  1. The big (and pleasant) surprise for me was Joan Lowenstein’s complete failure to get City Council to form a study committee which might have recommended chipping away at the Old Fourth Ward Historic District.

    It looked on cable like everyone but Joan voted against this bad idea.

       —David Cahill    Oct. 22 '08 - 02:34AM    #
  2. Chipping away? Why?

       —Larry Kestenbaum    Oct. 22 '08 - 05:48PM    #
  3. Larry,

    The owners of 412 East Huron had requested a study committee be appointed to explore the possibility of removing that property from the Old Fourth Ward district.

    Even for those at the council table who might have been inclined to appoint the committee — hey, it’s just a committee, it’s just due process etc. — the sentiment, summarized by Leigh Greden, seemed to be that it would be a massive waste of time and effort. If the committee returned a recommendation to remove it, Greden said he still couldn’t imagine voting to remove it.

       —HD    Oct. 22 '08 - 09:21PM    #