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Midnight Madness Downtown: December 5

5. December 2008 • Juliew
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This Friday night (December 5) is “Midnight Madness” downtown. Put on your warm clothes (or buy some), skip out on going to the gym and walk your way around downtown. Shopping downtown is more fun than going to the mall and a lot more picturesque. Stores will be open late and almost all are having sales. The medical students from the Galens Society will be collecting money for services for children at Mott Hospital so make sure to get your tag.

Start on Ashley Street (don’t forget to mail your letter to Santa), then head to Main Street, wander up toward Kerrytown along Fourth Avenue (no whining, you can do it, it really isn’t far at all from Main Street). Walk back down along Liberty Street toward State Street. If you are cold, stop in to Sams on Liberty and buy some mittens, a hat, long underwear, or some warm socks. On your way, stop at LeDog for dinner. State Street is worth it and you don’t want to forget Bivouac, Van Bovens, Moes, and the Arcade shops!

Now granted, this might be a lot for one night, but don’t despair, most of these stores are having sales all weekend in addition to the Friday night festivities. For instance, Downtown Home and Garden is having a sale on Christmas trees on Friday and their big Christmas Party on Saturday and Van Boven’s sale is going all weekend.

See you downtown!

  1. Not only are there going to be lots of sales tomorrow, but several of the shops downtown make shopping worth your while with snacks and libations. I recommend Red Shoes on Ashley and Heavenly Metal on Ann if you are feeling hungry or thirsty while you are shopping.

       —Juliew    Dec. 5 '08 - 10:02AM    #
  2. Tonight is also the monthly Ride Around Town! (RAT!) followed by post-RAT’ing at the Old Town. RAT starts at 6pm, meeting at Liberty Square.
    From Patti, who is not quite craz—er, brave enough to ride in the snow :) :)

       —TeacherPatti    Dec. 5 '08 - 06:46PM    #