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School Board: Fiscal, Sexual Health Edition

9. December 2008 • Matt Hampel
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Board of Education meeting: Wednesday, December 10 at 7:30 pm. Reading the agenda and info packet, so you don’t have to.

Summary: first quarter FY 08/09 budget report. Bureaucratic maneuverings of the sexual health education advisory committee.

Coming up:

A request for Board approval to accept Great Start Readiness Program Early Childhood funding. (from the State to “provide preschool programs for four-year-old children who may be “at risk” of school failure” — is anyone able to explain this program in more detail?)

First Quarter FY 08/09 Financial Report, including resolutions to fund Skyline High’s athletic programs at $350,000.

I can’t claim to be able to decipher the budget, but revenues are 188,000,698 (in revised budget as of 9/30/08). Expenditures are 191,826,412. (numbered pages 11-13 of the agenda)

October 2008 Sexual Health Education Advisory Committee Report (SHEAC)

What the SHEAC is currently working on:

1. Formalizing our Goals and Objectives. (See note at the end of this document [the packet] for a draft.) Health teachers have administered pre- and post- tests each year. Our goal in the coming year is to align these tests with our final Goals and Objectives.

2. Coordinating with the Board to formalize the committee’s existence, methods, and upcoming material approval processes.

3. Supporting teachers as the district standardizes sexual health education curricula. Informing teachers that they may submit requests for new material review so that they may update their teaching resources.

4. Preparing informational materials/website for parents, so that parents may be informed about the committee and its role, material approval, curriculum details, state laws and requirements, and other parent FAQ.

Review and comment processes for curriculum are outlined. All quite straightforward: is it current, accurate, and respectful? Summary of the legal obligations. Outlines of curriculum at various levels, describing topics, objectives, resources used.

Results of the district-wide sexuality education survey for parents are on pg. 42 of the agenda. 11% of 1358 respondents do not believe contraception should be taught in school.

For more reading:

The AAPS Board of Education meets every other Wednesday(-ish). Meetings usually begin at 7pm with a public commentary period, and are held in the 4th floor conference room of the Downtown branch of the Ann Arbor District Library. The 2008-9 schedule is online. Meetings are broadcast live on CTN and rebroadcast several times.

Winter vacation begins Friday, December 19 at the end of the day!