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City Council: City Place PUD

5. January 2009 • Juliew
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Monday, January 5 at 7:00 pm.
Ann Arbor City HallAgenda


  • 415 W. Washington Proposal Review Committee recommendations
  • Resolutions to approve City Place rezoning, PUD site plan, and development agreement
  • Resolution to accept the Commercial Recycling Implementation Recommendations (added after newspaper deadline)

  1. The Chronicle reports this morning that the PUD for City Place failed on a 0-10 vote.

    Early birds get the news! :-)

       —Leah Gunn    Jan. 6 '09 - 04:55PM    #
  2. I also heard about the rejection of City Plan on WEMU this morning.

    What do people think?

       —Nancy Shore    Jan. 6 '09 - 07:29PM    #
  3. I thought it was too massive – but the question now is what can they build “by right” under the current zoning? Any information? That may, in the end, be worse.

       —Leah Gunn    Jan. 6 '09 - 08:02PM    #
  4. He is able to a build a large student housing (6 bedrooms/unit) project.

    The City has now created a new student Ghetto instead of reasonable location for work force housing – which, by the way, is what many groups have clamored.

       —anonymous observer    Jan. 7 '09 - 12:05AM    #