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Viva Graffiti!

15. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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CHICAGO-The Ann Arbor News, while slow on the uptake, reports on stencil graffiti. While the News would have you believe that this is breaking news, these artworks have been around the city for a bit of a while.

  1. Bracing myself for a spray paint and x-acto knife ban on the heels of the porch couch ban…
       —Scott T.    Jul. 15 '04 - 10:29AM    #
  2. I’m waiting for the non-SUV / non-luxury sedan vehicular ban, as well as the non-strip mall new building ban and the “Let’s Turn Into Royal Oak or Southfield Initiative.” :)

    Not bitter,
       —Eric Goldberg    Jul. 15 '04 - 12:33PM    #