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McKinley renovates part of Liberty by the Michigan Theater

22. January 2009 • Nancy Shore
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You might have noticed some signs of construction on Liberty Street where the old National City used to be.

According to Concentrate, this space is currently being renovated by Mckinley, who also renovated the building next door that houses Salsaritas, Bar Louie, Google, Ann Arbor Spark, Renaissance, and other businesses.

Originally, McKinley had intended to raze the old buildings and put a new 2 story building in its place. Now, they are just going to renovate the buildings to make room for tenets.

According to Concentrate:

“Renovation includes a new brick-and-stone fa├žade. The 15,000 square feet McKinley is renovating doesn’t have a tenant yet. The project is supposed to be done and ready for occupancy within four months.”

  1. Well I hope one of the tenets they make room for is along the lines of “be mindful of the needs of the pedestrian, including how the structure looks from the sidewalks.”

       —Eric    Jan. 23 '09 - 08:03PM    #
  2. Personally and moreover Im opposed to the building of lots of rooms for single men or other poor folks downtown There must be an alternative.
    How would you address this problem?

       —paul jensen    Jan. 29 '09 - 08:26PM    #
  3. There was a lot of nice fieldstone on the old building, it sounds like they are going to reuse that which is good.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Jan. 29 '09 - 09:31PM    #
  4. What problem, Paul?

       —Steve Bean    Jan. 29 '09 - 11:20PM    #
  5. Time to tell the governor of michigan to tax marijuana

       —paul jensen    Feb. 3 '09 - 10:57PM    #