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Yes We Can: Preserving Traditions Fills The Void with Local Goodness

3. February 2009 • Nancy Shore
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In response to a post on Canning, Freezing and Drying in Ann Arbor, a commenter made the following remark:

As an increasingly committed ‘locavore’, I’d like to see some sort of group effort (formal or not) in canning, preserving, etc. to capture the local harvest (not just our own individual efforts). Seems like it will be more important in tough economic times and high fuel prices.

Well although gas prices have gone down, interest in local foods is still on the rise.
So I was excited to hear about a new group for all of us home preservers.

It’s called Preserving Traditions, and according to their blog, the group is

a non-profit club based in Ann Arbor, Michigan for people who like to cook from scratch, especially local foods, plant, harvest, and U-Pick, can, pickle, and dry food, share skills, equipment, and knowledge to make all these things easier and more fun!

The group will be holding events at the Pittsfield Grange

The first event is on February 8th from 2-5pm and will be all about pasta making.

  1. Thanks for posting this, Nancy! One of our Michigan Lady Food Bloggers ( this venture and it is the start of something awesome. Also, it’s at the Grange which is like the coolest place!!

       —TeacherPatti    Feb. 3 '09 - 08:48AM    #
  2. Also, the person who created Preserving Traditions has a blog called Eat Close To Home.

       —Nancy    Feb. 7 '09 - 11:11PM    #