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What to do for Valentine's day?

10. February 2009 • Chuck Warpehoski
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Sure, you can do the standard dinner out for Valentine’s Day (and do it quite well), but why would you want to be that conventional.

They say “it’s better than even money that the guy is only doin’ it for some doll.” Wanna bet why the Michigan Theater is having a Valentine’s Day member reception

The Exhibit Museum knows how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, their hosting a lecture on The Evolution of Sex , complete with chocolate cake!

As that event points out, there’s something about Valentine’s day that’s about getting physical, so why not catch a sporting event, or catch a dance party that night.

Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t happy for everyone. You could co-opt the holiday with a nice hippie validation day, or you could really give the corporate Hallmark Holiday a kick in the teeth with an anti-Valentine’s Day party

As for me, I want my love to grow. That means fertilizer. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always beer.

So what are you doing?

  1. Okay, it’s not local, but Lifehacker has a bit on recession friendly Valentine’s plans.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Feb. 10 '09 - 08:00PM    #
  2. We are going to Silvios for their special Valentine’s Day meal (available all day, but call ahead for reservations) and then the hockey game. The Michigan Theater event is always fun. It is usually packed and everyone has a great time.

       —Juliew    Feb. 11 '09 - 12:18AM    #
  3. Chuck and I will be vermicomposting together for Valentine’s Day.

    If you want to see what else is going on, you can also check out the Ann Arbor Convention and Visitors Bureau.

    Some of the things listed:
    —Crazy Chocolate Extravaganza in Chelsea
    —Take a class on how to make Cinnamon rolls with Zingerman’s
    —Dance the night away at the Pittsfield Grange
    —Check out a star party with the Lowbrow Astronomer’s (now that would make an awesome band name).

       —Nancy    Feb. 11 '09 - 08:05AM    #
  4. You could show your love for justice and peace by protesting the Batsheva Dance Company, an Israeli apartheid dance troupe coming to the Power Center this Saturday and Sunday.

    The Batsheva Dance Company:
    -Israel’s leading cultural ambassador
    -Israeli government-funded
    -Israeli soldier dancers
    -No Arab dancers

    7:30 PM Sharp, Saturday February 14, 2009
    3:30 PM Sharp, Sunday, February 15, 2009
    (performances start at 8 PM and 4 PM)
    Power Center, 121 Fletcher (at Huron) UMich-Ann Arbor
    (for map and directions click here )

    This protest is sponsored by the Middle East Task Force with support from Home for Peace and Justice; MidEast JustPeace; Newaygo County People for Peace; Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends; Ann Arbor Coalition Against War; Palestine Office; Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice; the Rev. Naim Ateek, Director of Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, Jerusalem; and the Israel/Palestine Action Group of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship.


       —Michelle    Feb. 13 '09 - 11:15AM    #
  5. Don’t tell the parents you’re going to the Hands-On Museum! and other tips from ArborWiki: Date Night

       —Matt    Feb. 14 '09 - 10:38PM    #
  6. Did anybody see the Batsheva Dance Company over the weekend? Any opinions?

       —Mark Koroi    Feb. 17 '09 - 08:15AM    #