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Labor Violations May Cost UM Apparel Producer its License

13. February 2009 • Chuck Warpehoski
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According to the Ann Arbor News and Michigan Daily, Russell Corp. may lose its license to produce UM-branded apparel because of labor violations in its factories in Honduras.

Tonight Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality is hosting workers fired from the Russell Athletic factory for a speaking event

These labor abuses are in violation of the University Code of Conduct.

Does this proposed enforcement show that the code is working, or does it show that more pro-active efforts such as the proposed Designated Suppliers Program?

  1. Rutgers University has already, earlier this month, severed its ties with Russell Corporation over this very same issue. The folks over at University of Michigan should follow suit.

       —John Dory    Feb. 28 '09 - 09:57PM    #
  2. They already have, and were featured on CNN news for doing so.

       —Leah Gunn    Feb. 28 '09 - 11:38PM    #