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AADL offers a class on how to get online news

9. May 2009 • Matt Hampel
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The AADL is hosting a class on finding online news this coming Wednesday. Hopefully it’s the first of many. If you’re here, you probably don’t need it — but maybe you know someone who’s interested, or want to pick up some more skills. Registration is required.

Are you sad that your traditional newspaper may no longer be delivered to your doorstep? Do you want to learn how to make that news come to you electronically, but don’t know how?

Join us for the Online News Delivered class this upcoming Wednesday, and learn all about it! We’ll explain how you can get your local, national, and world news from your favorite media sources delivered to your RSS Reader or E-mail automatically, and help you set everything up. Register today by phone or online!

Recap: Online News Delivered class, Wed., May 13, 10am-12pm, Malletts Creek Branch, Registration Required.

They have a whole program of interesting classes coming up. It’s more than basic Microsoft Word.

  1. I do wish, though, that this class would also be offered outside of working hours. Everyone I know who might be interested is busy 10-12 on a weekday.

       —Matt Hampel    May. 10 '09 - 04:27AM    #