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22. May 2009 • Matt Hampel
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The AADL is adding CD previews to its online catalog — you’ll be able to listen to short snippets (a la Amazon/iTunes) before requesting the item. Still no digital deliveries, though.

Detroit: Murph posted a link to the Great Lakes Urban Exchange’s I Will Stay If… project in the Young Urban Professionals thread.

The Workantile Exchange, a “community of independent workers” on Main Street is accepting applications.

  1. I love the IWSI project, and was really moved by the photo gallery at

    I’m also impressed that it still works for me after noticing the racial makeup of the Detroiters shown. I don’t mean to criticize, since I’ve done exactly nothing to help Detroit, but perhaps there’s another level of meaning worth thinking about in those images…

       —Patrick    May. 23 '09 - 10:20PM    #
  2. Patrick, thank you for sharing that link. Wonderful stuff…I wish I knew those folks!!!

       —TeacherPatti    May. 26 '09 - 04:05AM    #