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Heritage Newspapers to Offer Ann Arbor Weekly

8. June 2009 • Chuck Warpehoski
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Twitter broke the story, then the Business Review followed up.

What’s the news? “Heritage Newspapers, part of the Journal Register Co., will launch a new, weekly newspaper covering Ann Arbor July 9.”

It looks like somebody thinks there’s still money to be made in print journalism.

  1. I don’t understand. Newspapers are dying, losing money, can’t break even….why would another company want to start an Ann Arbor edition? The Newhouse Family told us they tried and it doesn’t work…lol.

       —Alan Goldsmith    Jun. 8 '09 - 10:02PM    #
  2. Heritage already publishes the local weeklies in Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Ypsilanti, Milan etc, so presumably this expansion into a new market is a relatively small additional cost to them.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Jun. 8 '09 - 10:17PM    #
  3. I speculated that they may be after the same advertising bundles that the paper Thursday and Sunday editions of are going for.

    Hope this means more work for freelance writers!

       —Vivienne Armentrout    Jun. 8 '09 - 10:39PM    #
  4. I haven’t picked up a Heritage newspaper in years, have low expectations about how this is going to turn out, but having said that I’m glad there will be another editorial voice in town.

    They just better not litter my driveway.

    Vivienne, I’m sure their freelance rates are circa 1950. Lol.

       —Alan Goldsmith    Jun. 9 '09 - 09:53PM    #