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11. June 2009 • Patti Smith
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The mayor’s 9th annual Green Fair is this Friday, from 6p-9p. (I remember going to the first Green Fair and I am suddenly feeling very townie-ish!) There will also be the Bike Fest and I heard something about Linda Diane Feldt having some goodies there, too!

If you are a bike rider, the WBWC’s monthly RAT! bike ride will commence at 6pm, meeting at Liberty Square Park.

After the crushing Red Wing’s victory on Friday night, drag yourself out of bed on Saturday and head down to the Sierra Club Swim/Hike at Pickerel Lake. If I can haul myself down there after what will surely be a festive night, then anyone can :)

Don’t forget about the various farmers’ markets and all of the other happenings this weekend! Make it a good one!

  1. patti- you’ve missed some very important perspectives in advertising by blog and web/ please, consider all the people you are listing these ads for. I rather prefer to learn of these events more organixally. and precisely with dates, times and costs included. but then i’m not paid by them to do such work am i?

       —justin    Jun. 11 '09 - 10:52PM    #
  2. Has it been nine years of Green Fair? Wow!

    Justin, I’m not sure what you mean by “organixally”. I see dates and times, and if an event sounds interesting to you, there are links to more info. In any case, no-one pays us to post :-)

       —Matt Hampel    Jun. 11 '09 - 11:26PM    #
  3. Justin, I’m afraid that I’m not sure what you are talking about either. These are not ads, but just announcements of stuff that is upcoming. (Much like Matt posted the links re: volunteering for the Summer Fest a few days ago). I usually encourage folks to post their own events in the comments, and see that I forgot to do so this time. So—have at it. Post other events.

    And for the record, all of these events are free.

       —TeacherPatti    Jun. 12 '09 - 12:05AM    #
  4. Don’t forget the Summer Festival starts tomorrow too!

    If you go to the Green Fair Friday night, make sure to stop by the Ann Arbor Art Center’s free open house extravaganza with lots of demos, food, and fun art projects.

    Another great event this weekend is the UM Residential College’s Shakespeare in the Arb production of 12th Night. It is such a fun event and the peonies should still be in bloom so it is a beautiful time to walk through the Arb (and be entertained at the same time).

    Should be a fun weekend!

       —Juliew    Jun. 12 '09 - 05:32AM    #
  5. More details on Shakespeare in the Arb here (shameless self-promotion :-)

       —Matt Hampel    Jun. 12 '09 - 05:48AM    #
  6. some places and events are better shared out of the public eyes. as a friend and seer shared about the our little pickerel… why do you insist upon sharing the gems of ours so openly? there is great power there…one must use caution.

       —justin    Jun. 13 '09 - 03:15AM    #
  7. justin, you’re full of it. TeacherPatti and the others who post events here on Arbor Update do a great job – I wouldn’t know about some of these events without them!

    As an aside, does anyone know where I can find an online calendar of the Top of the Park, heavily condensed to one page, so I could print it? the A2 summer festival website is very unfriendly to printers.

       —KGS    Jun. 17 '09 - 08:55PM    #
  8. I found the printable calendar, it was cleverly hidden at the top of the summer festival website. here’s a direct link:

       —KGS    Jun. 17 '09 - 09:04PM    #
  9. KGS, thanks! I had a hard time w/ the TOP schedule, too…I finally gave up and got a hard copy.

       —TeacherPatti    Jun. 17 '09 - 09:08PM    #