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12. June 2009 • Patti Smith
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There is some news in parking: Ann Arbor E-Park

The website promises that the system will make parking more efficient and convenient. You can pay for your parking by phone, too. More info on the website linked above.

  1. They have something like this in Boulder and they are very cool. Nice to be able to pay from any meter or your phone wherever you are. No more having to run back from State Street if your car is on Main, just pay on State.

       —Juliew    Jun. 12 '09 - 05:08AM    #
  2. FYI, the Ann Arbor e-park is also on Twitter

       —Nancy    Jun. 12 '09 - 07:52PM    #
  3. Gah who isn’t on twitter. Maybe it’ll be used to blast out fail messages, if this goes anything like Chicago’s parking transition. Seriously, what is it going to say? “Nothing open on Main Street. As usual.”?

    (why am I so grumpy today?)

       —Matt Hampel    Jun. 12 '09 - 08:20PM    #
  4. Matt, maybe you’re grumpy because this thing you’ve started of “aggressively” moderating the coop election threads (to make sure nothing supportive of the boycott gets in) is getting hard to maintain. (When do you sleep?)

    My advice – Relax… Let EVERYONE have their say. You’ll feel better about yourself. And everyone you work with will feel better about Arbor Update. (Well, SOME will at least, I hope.)

       —Michael Schils    Jun. 12 '09 - 10:26PM    #