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Lullaby For Birdland?

16. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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According to sources at Current magazine and other Ann Arbor insiders, one of Ann Arbor’s premier jazz sites, The Bird of Paradise, will, in fact, be shutting down.

The Bird’s record has been tarnished by a brawl that involved hundreds of people last week, which resulted in the stabbing of several patrons.

Word has it that the Bird will close after the 30th.

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  1. Well, they were planning on closing before the near-riot. I don’t think this is “insider” news so much—it’s been published in a few local rags, I think.
       —Brandon    Jul. 16 '04 - 04:36PM    #
  2. yeah they stopped paying rent and are being evicted. I think it’s been newn owners the past few years that kept the name but ran the place into the ground apparently.
       —b    Jul. 16 '04 - 09:01PM    #
  3. I went to the place to take photos once, and it was pretty dead at the time—probably as many musicians as performers. The bartender said thats how it was, though they did have their busy nights. I myself liked the place, thought they played some good music.
       —Mike    Jul. 18 '04 - 07:52PM    #