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14. July 2009 • Patti Smith
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Thanks to our very own State Representative Rebekah Warren (D-Ann Arbor), July is officially Michigan Beer month! A little closer to home we have our first Ann Arbor Beer Week! There are many events happening, including:

July 13-24: Michigan Beer Cup Challenge—a competition between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti to see who totals the highest average per pints of Michigan beer). This challenge is put on by Rave Associates

July 20: Beer Trivia at Ashley’s

July 21: Beer Class at 7pm with Rene Greff (of ABC and Corner Brewery), held at Ashley’s. (Must get tickets in advance, see Arbor’s website)

July 21: Cantillon St. Lamvinus Draft Release at Ashley’s at 6pm. The only keg of Cantillion that is coming to Michigan this year!

July 22: Michigan Beer T-shirt discount (at various pubs around town). Wear your Michigan beer t-shirt and get discounts.

July 22: Rolling Beer Dinner, 5-11, at Arbor B.C.

July 22: Michigan Firkin multi-tap at Ashley’s. Starts at 6pm.

July 22-23: Meet the Brewers, starting at 7pm, at Aubree’s

July 23: Pub Crawl through ABC, The Arena, Bar Louie and Ashleys. Starts at 7pm.

July 24-25: Michigan Brewers’ Summer Beer Festival Held in the beautiful Riverside Park in Ypsilanti on Friday from 5-9 and Saturday from 1-6. Afterglow party at Aubree’s on Friday starting at 9:30. See a list of the beers here!

Bottoms up!

  1. As always, please add in the comments section any events that I missed.

    Please do not bring the Israel/Palestine conflict into the comments section for this post. This post has nothing to do with that issue. Thank you for understanding!

       —TeacherPatti    Jul. 14 '09 - 11:55PM    #
  2. I’m envious! Of course, here in Kalamazoo we have Bell’s, just a mile from where I live, so I can’t complain. but what a line-up of events!

       —Mark Miller    Jul. 15 '09 - 05:00AM    #
  3. Mark, check for all of your Kalamazoo beer needs :)

       —TeacherPatti    Jul. 15 '09 - 07:17AM    #
  4. I knew my support of Rebekah Warren for state rep was a wise decision!

       —Alan Goldsmith    Jul. 15 '09 - 02:41PM    #
  5. I was totally thinking there should be an Ann Arbor Beer thing at some point. Glad the Beer Gods and Goddesses were listening!

       —Nancy    Jul. 15 '09 - 05:41PM    #
  6. What about Palestinian beer?

       —Dave    Jul. 15 '09 - 06:49PM    #
  7. Glad you brought that topic up.

    The West Bank has a rich history of beer consumption, including the renowned Palestine Beer Festival.

    Here’s the link:

       —Mark Koroi    Jul. 15 '09 - 08:44PM    #
  8. [off topic, removed]
       —goilem    Jul. 15 '09 - 10:10PM    #
  9. [off topic, removed]
       —Michael Schils    Jul. 15 '09 - 10:48PM    #
  10. [off topic, removed]
       —goilem    Jul. 15 '09 - 11:08PM    #
  11. The best beer I can remember was home-brew in a dry county in Tennessee; it was explained to me that the moonshiners would stagger to the polls to vote dry. So I suppose we should expect something similar from Muslim fundamentalists. Let’s hear it for Hamas beer and Taliban heroin!

       —Henry Brysk    Jul. 16 '09 - 01:01AM    #
  12. We must be living in a golden age of beer. When I was not yet 21 and in college near Kansas City, Mo., the beer all tasted the same (vapid). The really big issue then was the alcohol content. Missouri had a drinking age of 21 and beer could be 5% alcohol. Kansas allowed 18-year-olds to drink, but beer was 3%. Bars on the Mo. side actually had banners out advertising 5% beer. The big adventure for me and my friends was to find someone with a car who would drive us to “Fritz’s” in Kansas City, Kansas, a family-type bar with wonderful hand-cut ham sandwiches and 3% beer that we were allowed to order without being 21. The beer was awful, but it was the thrill of the thing.

    Hooray for microbrews!

       —Vivienne Armentrout    Jul. 16 '09 - 01:53AM    #
  13. Thank to those who followed my request. Good job!

    That dry county information is interesting. While the county was not “dry”, the county that New Holland Brewery is in had a “blue law” that required it to be closed on Sundays. I understand that this law has been changed by the voters :)

    I found another list of beer events…I got most of them, but there are a few more on here:

    And again, thanks to those who followed my very simple request. I do have ways of making folks follow my edicts in my classroom, by the way…(cue evil teacher laughter) :)

       —TeacherPatti    Jul. 16 '09 - 03:34AM    #
  14. I just wanted to tell you, Patti, that even though my earlier comment was removed, it did not fail to honor your request. Here was my comment –

    The teacher’s request was about as effective as telling kids not to have sex or smoke pot (or drink beer, there, now this comment is on-topic).

    As you see, I was referring to the fact that several of the recent comments had brought up the Israel/Palestine subject even though you had explicitly requested them not to. But I was not bringing up the subject, myself, so I don’t know why my comment was removed along with theirs. I even added a slight bit of humor, as my comment compared the futility of your request to that of the failed abstinence and “Just Say No To Drugs” programs. I thought the implied comparison of the rebellious commenters with the kids that just want to do the things they’re told not to – was also appropriate.

    This new “aggressive moderation” policy on Arbor Update is hard to figure out. Why was my comment deemed to be off topic when it mentions beer, the subject of the thread? Did I piss off “the authorities” by implying that I was intentionally skirting the on-topic requirement by forcing the word “beer” into my sentence?

    I agree that goilem’s comments were off topic. But (s)he was only responding to the earlier comment’s mention of “Palestinian beer”, which seems to have been brought up only to defy the teacher’s request. Yet that comment was allowed to remain…?

    But to get back on topic, Patti, I visited your blog and I like your irreverent writing style and who wouldn’t like all the recipes for beer and food. I admire the fact that in this thread, you have resisted the urge to plug it, so I’m doing it for you. BTW, I live right around the corner from the Original Gravity in Milan, so if you pick up a few of their beers and you’re trying to guzzle them before you get back on the expressway – feel free to hurl the empties into my yard! :-)
    (Wait, are drinking and driving jokes allowed here? That was sarcasm and I really wasn’t trying to encourage anyone to break the law or endanger anyone.)

       —Michael Schils    Jul. 21 '09 - 10:20PM    #
  15. Don’t forget this BEER event tomorrow, the 22nd!

    From the Corner Brewery: Garden Party

    Come and join us for a summer evening open house on the garden grounds of the Growing Hope Center . Tasty adult beverages are being provided by Corner Brewery. Donations are welcome but not required so please stop by and grab a beer and check out one of the coolest things happening right here in our community.

    Host: Corner Brewery

    Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

    Location: Growing Hope Center

    Street: 922 W. Michigan Ave

    City/Town: Ypsilanti , MI


    If you are on facebook, please use this link,, to RSVP to this great event!

       —Kristen J Cuhran    Jul. 21 '09 - 10:29PM    #
  16. re michael schils’(#14)… a fair minded and good post,( although in other contexts ive not always been a fan, nor he of me)….but re drinking and driving, sometimes one get’s the impression on this site that there’s alot of “drinking and posting” ( which is not totally irrelevant to my comments on the AU thread about the news/blogosphere)…anyway,the moderators are seemingly more attuned to that possibility than previously ;and although im a near-teetotaller i dont mind occasionally getting caught up in the net if the guilty are too.

       —goilem    Jul. 22 '09 - 05:26PM    #
  17. Michael, thank you! We almost bought a house in Milan but we found out that my husband couldn’t fit in the upstairs bathroom. That sounds wrong so let me explain: he is 6’6”, normal weight…ceiling sloped way down and he couldn’t, er, make it work. Oh God now that sounds really bad. I’ll stop.

    Thanks again Michael and yeah…no drinking and driving. We are taking the bus to the beer fest this weekend and busing/walking/crawling back home after. I handled one DUI case back in my law days and they aren’t playing. (btw, I didn’t delete any comments but trust my fellow AU’ers…I honestly haven’t paid attention b/c I’ve been too busy watching and praying that my school district doesn’t disappear).

    Don’t drink and post either. Seriously. Take my word on that one.

       —TeacherPatti    Jul. 22 '09 - 07:21PM    #