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Candidate questionnaire, August 09: Online discussions

30. July 2009 • Murph
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We only received responses to our questionnaire from two candidates, Leigh Greden and Stephen Kunselman, both in the 3rd Ward, but we don’t want to push back posting the answers too long. (The first question we asked, though, involved participating in online discussions, so maybe we do have everyone’s answers for this one…) We’ll provide separate posts for each question so that comments can be kept straight between the posts.

#1 – Do you expect to take part in online discussions on municipal issues? How do these discussions, whether on news sites or less formal outlets, factor into your consideration of issues?

Kunselman: I occasionally read on-line discussions offered by the various media and blog outlets but I tend not to participate in them and don’t expect to if elected to public office. While I enjoy reading the opinions posted, I will not engage in “opinion swapping” with people who post anonymously, and for the most part, that is what I see predominately on the on-line discussions. Will citizen opinions factor into my decision making – most certainly, that’s what politics is all about.

Greden: I have participated in on-line discussions about municipal issues on AU in the past. I will continue to do so as appropriate. On-line discussions are one of many factors I consider when making decisions. Other factors include correspondence from 3rd Ward residents, policy statements from City staff, legal opinions from the City Attorney, and my own personal conviction.