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Goodbye Link?

5. August 2009 • Chuck Warpehoski
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The Ann Arbor Transit Authority is asking for feedback on the proposed discontinuation of their Link service. They write

The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority is proposing the discontinuation of the Link route. The route has operated from September through April, with no service during the spring or summer. If this proposal is adopted, service will not resume on August 30, 2009.

Friday, August 7 is the deadline for feedback by phone, email, or writing. They are also hosting a public drop-in meeting will be held on Monday, August 10th from 5:00pm – 7:00pm at the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority offices (150 S. Fifth Av. – 3rd floor, Ann Arbor).

Those are the forums they want you to use to tell them what you think. This is the forum to tell us what you think.

  1. The Ann Arbor Chronicle reported on the DDA’s June 6 discussion of the LINK , including the action of not acting to renew their funding.

    The AATA page linked to notes that UMich “has decided” to operate service on the Oxford-campus segment with their own buses.

    With 2/3 of the funding for a route that’s always been discussed as “maybe it will become useful some day”, it seems sensible for AATA to discontinue to the service.

       —Murph    Aug. 6 '09 - 04:02AM    #
  2. I agree and even wrote them to say so. I think the DDA would not have discontinued funding if it appeared that the general public was using it to get around downtown. Personally, I’ve always found it easier to walk most everywhere downtown than to wait even a short time for a LINK bus.

       —Vivienne Armentrout    Aug. 6 '09 - 08:40PM    #