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Council Votes to Postpone Reads on Couch Ban

19. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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Jason S. Mironov, MSA president, has informed us:

For immediate release – Please fwd widely.
8:00pm, July 19th, 2004.

Based on MSA’s request and a lack of firm statistical evidence, city council has voted to postpone the first reads on the couch legislation for a period of four weeks until August 16th.

Until then, will be a ‘blog’ and survey site to promote student input on this uniquely student issue. Please post comments and fill out the poll which will be submitted to city council.

Stay tuned to the A.U. for continuing coverage of the couch ban saga as it develops.

  1. Ha ha! He put the word ‘blog’ in scare quotes. And where the living hell is the survey? Oh well.
       —Brian    Jul. 19 '04 - 11:36PM    #
  2. I mean, I guess this is good for MSA to get involved and all. But it seems to me MSA has been a wee bit slow acting on this. Hell, when did Rob first post on this? April? May? Then Murph’s big call to action and spreading of that Tony Ramirez email was before the 4th of July, I believe. I shouldn’t complain, though… if we can get MSA leaders involved, their connections to the rest of the student body and other student groups is unparalelled, and we need that.
       —Brandon    Jul. 20 '04 - 01:22AM    #
  3. Having speculated on Rob’s old site about whether this whole couch thing is really the hot-button topic some people are trying to make it, I thought it interesting that this post ended up ABOVE the “10 Stories the World Should Hear More About.” Does this mean there are now 11 stories?
       —sergei    Jul. 20 '04 - 10:04AM    #
  4. Sergei,

    ArborUpdate’s purpose is local news. The UN’s top 10 stories? Not local news. Important, yes. Local, no.

    The couch thing, on the other hand, is very local. Not as important, perhaps, as any of those 10 stories, but then, very few things are. Does this mean nobody should think about, talk about, or act upon anything except for the single most important world issue? I think that’s kind of silly.
       —Murph    Jul. 21 '04 - 01:37PM    #
  5. Indeed Murph. In fact, my main complaint with this blog is that there is sometimes too much coverage of national/international news that can be found elsewhere and has little to do with local issues. I mean, that stuff is important, but it can be found in the New York Times and elsewhere. Why do we need updates on the national political conventions here, really?
       —Brandon    Jul. 21 '04 - 09:23PM    #