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World War Two Memorial on the Washington Mall: Source of Controversy "Officially" Unveiled

1. June 2004 • jlnathan
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This weekend, amid fears of terrorism, Americans crowded onto the Washington Mall to witness the official commemmoration of the National World War Two Memorial. Speakers included President Bush, Memorial Chairperson Bob Dole, journalist Tom Brokaw, and actor Tom Hanks. Veterans of “the civilized war” came to the DC area with friends and family, along with mementos from loved ones who did not survive to see the memorial’s completion.

The memorial has been a source of immense controversy throughout the seventeen years that it has been in development. Many Washingtonians feard that it would muddy up the beautiful view and reflecting pool between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Monument.

I went to see the Memorial yesterday, on Memorial Day. It was absolutely crowded with veterans and their families. Many were moved to tears. I think that while aesthetically, it may not be as striking as the Vietnam or even Korean War memorials, the WW2 Memorial’s grandiose size and scale seem aligned with the sacrifices of the “Greatest Generation.”