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U-M: Deans and Chairs being deceived!

22. July 2004 • dilleym
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Family housing officials have informed the Deans and Department Chairs at UM that family housing has relocated all families from Northwood 1, 2 and 3 to Northwood 4 and 5. THIS IS UNTRUE. There were 150 open spaces to which residents can relocate, and approximately 600 families to be relocated. The math doesn’t add up.

Further, these changes are permanent. Melaku Mekonen, director of family housing, Archie Andrews, associate director of housing and Carole Henry, director of housing informed over 100 residents on July 20 that Northwood 1, 2 and 3 would no longer EVER house student families. They told residents that the area will no longer be referred to as family housing.

There is documentation of both of these points.

It is no accident that housing has told faculty and other administrators a different story than they have told residents.

Please let those in your area know, and you may contact me for additional information.

Lisa R. Jackson, Ph,D.
lrjackso AT umich DOT edu