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Art Fair: Day 2

22. July 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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Wandering among the booths in the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair on Washington Street near the Rackham Building, my eye was caught by the work of Mississippi artist Steve Shepard. Many of his works were like this one, (titled “Savannah”) and were lush, hand-illustrated drawings of swamplands found in Southern U.S. states. However, many were hostile partisan attacks on Republicans and president Bush. His wife explained his artwork was mostly about environmental themes, and reflected a style he developed studying in Mexico, west Africa, and in some Asian art, however he “had become more political” in the past year.

His more recent, political works seemed to express a palpible hatred for anti-environmentalist policies he saw as draining the wetlands and decimating the rare and exotic species he had previously documented. (See “Republicans Kill Wetlands”) His painting “Stop the Earth Haters Bush & Cheney” features the slogans “REPUBLICANS PREFER GOLF TO ECOLOGY” and depicts a skeleton dancing among flames, labled “THE FATE OF EARTH-HATING REPUBLICANS”.

My favorite, at least the online paintings, is a portrait of Lincoln voting, wrapped by the text “LINCOLN IS SO DISGUSTED BY BUSH & CHENEY HE VOTES ALL DEMOCRAT IN ‘04”

Is his political work all partisan? Of course not, there’s always “CYCLOPS GIVEN PERMISSION BY ANGELS TO EAT REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS”

  1. That’s really damned cool. Good eye, Rob.
       —Brandon    Jul. 25 '04 - 11:59PM    #