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Art Fair: Day 2, con't

23. July 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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Ah yes, art fair. Observations:

> Teenage and tween-age girls pawing eagerly through the boxes of discounted merchandise put out in Urban Outfitter’s Street tent

> The banner advertising Arcadia’s new Berry Whitsun at the Ashley’s tent was almost totally washed away because of yesterday’s rain (woops!)

> Although I saw three people sporting Bush stickers, (including a girl on rollerblades promoting Bush stickers on her rear), they were outnumbered not by Kerry stickers (0), but by DNC canvassers seeking small donations (4). (“Hey, you want to give a dollar to get Bush out of office?”)

> At the corner of William and Maynard, Marc Sijan’s “ultra-realistic” human sculptures were attracting a crowd. (“It ain’t plastic, no, he could move” one man insisted to his friend)

Also Overheard:

“This is the art fair – we’re looking at all the art”—Mother to young girl

“Oh my gosh Laura, I’ve fallen in love like 10 times today.”—Man to his female friend while peoplewatching

“Hey Joe, you know what we can do? Jump into the truck and drive to the other end of the art fair instead of walking back!”—Someone feeling very clever

“Let’s go to the nonprofit area – that’s where my booth would be.”—A young woman to her friend

Woman to man: “Boy, you’re a people watcher, aren’t you?”
Man, gawking at two goth teens: “Huh?”