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Bush's Anti-Semitic Alliance

25. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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Michael Moore exposed to the American public how the Bush administration deals kindly to Saudi Arabia. Now, members of the Jewish-American establishment are getting upset about it, and rightfully so.

Gordon Goldstein, of the Foreign Policy Leadership Council, remarked in the pages of The Forward:

Most observers acknowledge that Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, himself a Saudi, are the culprits behind the terrorist strikes. Key figures in the Saudi leadership, however, have remarkably tried to blame the attacks on unidentified Jewish forces. Following last month’s terrorist attack in Yanbu, Crown Prince Abdullah, the de facto Saudi ruler, told local television that “Zionism is behind terrorist actions in the kingdom…. This has been established, I am not saying by 100%, but by 95%.”

A few days later, his comments were echoed by the Saudi foreign minister, Prince Saud Al-Faisal, who claimed: “Extremist Zionist elements are… disseminating lies and incitement against the Saudi government…. The terror operations taking place today serve the interests of the extremist Zionist elements.” Two weeks ago, Prince Turki Al-Faisal, the Saudi ambassador to Britain, remarked: “Specifically since September 11, the kingdom has been a center for concentrated merciless attacks by the Zionists.”

The Anti-Defamation League also has an extensive profile on Saudi Arabia’s anti-Semitic media.

  1. was good. Liberal slanted, yes but not absurdly so. This site is so partisan it loses all credibility. It’s pathetic. Look at this title. What alliance? Bush has done a lot for for the Jewish state, more than the democrats. This article’s headline is groundless and misleading.
       —This site sucks    Jul. 25 '04 - 07:13PM    #
  2. Bush said a while back that he’d “ride herd” on the Middle East process, giving the impression that he’s the White House cowboy corralling “Semitic farm animals” (Arabs and Jews both being Semites…). Highly inappropriate term, “ride herd”.
    And Bush Sr. had Fred Malek as a high-ranking supervisor, Malek who had some anti-Semitic ties, I recall. Even Bush Sr. never descended to language like “ride herd” like Junior AWOL Boy, though, I believe.
       —David Boyle    Jul. 25 '04 - 09:11PM    #
  3. This site sucks—feel free to start a better “Liberal slanted [sic], yes but not absurdly so” AA-centric news blog and completely outclass us. Make sure to let us know where to find it. Can’t have too many Arbor Blogs!
       —Brian    Jul. 25 '04 - 11:36PM    #
  4. The thing is, I sort of agree with the “This Site Sucks” guy in a lot of ways. I feel like some of the posts on this site purposefully try to be audacious, and it is only going to turn-off a lot of the larger public and campus community from even bothering to come here for news anymore. I am just finding it odd how often I am provoked enough to write criticism of the way certain stories are presented here. I’ve only voted Green and Democrat in my life, yet somehow I’m the most conservative voice commenting half the time, because nobody else is. There’s something wrong with this picture. I think he’s on to something in the tone of some posts on this site compared to Rob’s old one. My two cents.
       —Brandon    Jul. 25 '04 - 11:55PM    #
  5. I’d really like this site to focus more on stuff that’s more locally relevant—but, to each their own and some more than others, you know?
       —Brian    Jul. 26 '04 - 01:34AM    #
  6. It is somewhat locally relevant: Michael Moore grew up in Flint, not too far from here (although I do know the association is a stretch).

    Nonetheless, I take issue with “This site sucks” poster. Explain to me exactly what GW has done for Jews or the Jewish state. Under Democrats’ watch, (Carter and Clinton) Israel signed peace treaties with Egypt, Jordan, Mauritania, and established a small relationship with a number of other countries in the Middle East.

    If you want to argue that GW or the Republicans are any better, please state why with some facts to back up that claim. Don’t just make claims without backing them up.
       —Jared Goldberg    Jul. 26 '04 - 02:37AM    #
  7. i note on local relevency: you will often find stuff posted by me that is not local…the reason for this is twofold…often (like on weekends), it is simply a slow news day in ann arbor, and two, i choose national issues that seem to the interest of the a.u.’s readership…election politics is one of those national issues…

    that is all,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Jul. 26 '04 - 11:06AM    #