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60 Million to Silence DNC Protestors

25. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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The City of Boston will be spending $60 million on security during the Democratic National Convention.

CNN reports:

At first, Boston planned to spend $10 million for security. In 2003, Congress added $50 million for security to be split between Boston and New York, where the Republicans will meet in late August.

Earlier this year, [Boston Mayor Thomas] Menino and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg each requested an additional $25 million, bringing Boston’s total to $60 million.

  1. Waste of money. Conservatives have jobs, we/they aren’t about to call in to work so we can protest a convention of fools.

    Conservatives will protest at the voting booths.
       —T.J.    Jul. 30 '04 - 01:31AM    #
  2. Please disregard the comment from T.J. above.

    Five weeks ago, he ‘retired’ from commenting to this site in order to pray for our souls. As a result of that pledge, I can only assume that the above comment was either posted in error or by someone assuming his name.

       —Brian    Jul. 30 '04 - 04:08PM    #