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Gas Grills: More Deadly Than Porch Couches?

27. July 2004 • Brian Kerr
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Blogger Ryan Vis left a comment on Arbor Update describing a putative gas grill ban for Ann Arbor residents and citing a letter he got from his landlord(s). More details are available on his blog.

Anybody have more or different information about this? It’s news to me, at least.

  1. I recall reading in the Ann Arbor News a few months back that the city was going to ban certain types of grills on/near certain structures, but I’m not sure if this is related or not.
       —Brandon    Jul. 28 '04 - 06:44PM    #
  2. Ah, it looks like Ryan already found the info.
       —Brandon    Jul. 28 '04 - 06:46PM    #
  3. This was encouraged through City Council by a group called the Campus Neighbors.

    If I recall correctly, the rules don’t say that you have to get RID of your gas grill; you should be able to STORE it outside on your porch. I believe that the new ordinance states that you can’t light the grill within 10 feet of any wooden surface, whether your porch, balcony or house. Which – to me, is not completely unreasonable.

    By the way – go to concerning the city ordinance on banning couches on porches – now that’s ridiculous.
       —Anita    Jul. 29 '04 - 12:15PM    #