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Dodos, Dinosaurs, and the Middle Class

28. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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Unemployment and underemployment is unyielding. Heathcare costs are rising. Even conservative magazines like Business Week lament the rising difficulty of class mobility. And to top it all off, “The CEO’s at the nation’s largest companies saw their raises more than doubled in 2003 as the median raise handed out by S&P 500 companies to their top executives was 22.18 percent, according to a study by The Corporate Library,” CNN reports.

  1. What the hell is the point of this article? I feel like I’m missing something. :)
       —Brian    Jul. 28 '04 - 03:17PM    #
  2. No offense Ari Paul. I’m sure you’re a very nice guy, but in my humble opinion unless you STOP posting NATIONAL level articles with MAJOR liberal slant, ALL the time, you’re going to LOSE A LOT / MOST OF YOUR VIEWERS.

    If I wanted “national” news I’d go to more reliable, current, and respectable sources. THE REASON WE COME HEAR IS IMPLIED BY THE NAME OF THE WEBSITE. WE WANT STUFF WE CAN’T GET FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES, WE WANT LOCAL ANN ARBOR / UM NEWS.

    It’s up to you, but if you continue I contend that national postings such as this will play a large part in this website’s eventual failure.
       —This is the problem with the website....    Jul. 29 '04 - 11:15AM    #