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Kerry Pushes Fuel-Efficiency, a Mixed Bag for Michigan Workers?

29. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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Kerry wants to reward automakers who build fuel-efficient cars, in a move to sway both Michigan vote into his favor. The Detroit Free Press reports from the DNC in Boston:

Framing it as a national security and foreign-policy concern rather than an environmental one, Sen. John Kerry in his much-anticipated speech tonight is expected to call on the nation and auto industry to support a $10-billion plan to dramatically reduce America’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

As Kerry made a triumphant arrival in Boston and his running mate, John Edwards, accepted the party’s nomination, Democrats said Kerry is likely to avoid mention of increasing mandatory fuel-efficiency standards for the auto industry—a topic that typically angers automakers and the UAW alike. Instead, he will focus on offering automakers billions of dollars over 10 years to alter their auto plants to build more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The Bush campaign has been known to lie to Michigan’s workers, telling fibs and tall tales about how fuel-efficient cars will reduce jobs.

  1. The UAW really needs to step-up and support increased fuel-efficiency. I have yet to figure-out how it will take fewer workers to make hybrids than gas-guzzling SUVs. I supposed they support wasteful urban sprawl, too, because it keeps folks dependent on autos? Labor and environmentalists should be allies, not at odds, especially when so much of our foreign policy is shaped by our oil addiction.
       —Brandon    Jul. 29 '04 - 07:52PM    #