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Broadway Bridges Completed

1. August 2004 • Brandon
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Since Friday afternoon, the Broadway Bridges connecting Kerrytown to Lower Town over the Huron River and Norfolk Southern railroad tracks have been open to two-way traffic. Only minor construction on a few connecting side streets appears to remain. Shave a few minutes off your drive to the grocery store from downtown or your bus ride home from work tomorrow.

  1. Went to the Northside Grill for Sunday morning breakfast and took a walk over and back across the bridge. They really did an excellent job with the bridge and surrounding park.
       —Scott Trudeau    Aug. 2 '04 - 12:57AM    #
  2. thank god it’s finished!!

    ok, what major bridge is next??
       —Just a Voice    Aug. 2 '04 - 12:19PM    #