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Fight Wave '04 Escalates

2. August 2004 • Brandon
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The Summer of Brawls continues. This time, innocent bystanders were caught in the crossfire, today’s Ann Arbor News reports:

An argument about respect between a man and teenager led to the man throwing the teen’s hamster cage and turtles in the yard, and the teen hurling a brick at the man, Ann Arbor Police said.

The 24-year-old Ypsilanti man said he went to visit his girlfriend in the 2100 block of Hemlock Drive Saturday and ran into the teenager, reports said. He said the teen was talking about getting into a fight, so he told him not to be disrespectful, reports said.

The man said he threw the teen’s hamster cage in the yard because he felt disrespected, and the teen threw a brick at him and missed, reports said. The man said he then grabbed the teen’s turtles and threw them into the yard, and the teen hurled another brick that struck him in the right thigh, reports said.

No word on whether the teen learned to respect his elders.

  1. what about the hamster?
       —max    Aug. 3 '04 - 09:53AM    #
  2. It’s like Krazy Kat!
       —js    Aug. 3 '04 - 10:32AM    #
  3. john kerry jumped in and saved the hampster, i hope.
       —ellen    Aug. 3 '04 - 12:23PM    #