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Union picket over unfair work conditions

5. August 2004 • dilleym
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FLOC will picket Farmer Jack again over the boycott of Mt. Olive Pickle Company Products.

This Friday, August 6, at noon, FLOC will picket Farmer Jack Supermarket in Dearborn, located at 15255 Michigan Avenue. In December, Farmer Jack agreed to pull Mt. Olive Pickles from its stores after a protest at the former Bancroft Avenue location in Toledo, Ohio. However, FJ continues to sell Mt. Olive Products in all of its Michigan Stores.

Similar actions took place on Thursday July 29 at the FJ in Perrysburg, Ohio, and on July 30 at the FJ in Allen Park, Michigan.

For more information please contact Beatriz Maya at (419) 243-3456. For a press release, please contact Beatriz or Marisela Garcia at SEMCOSH at (313) 849-3345.