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Porch couch ban first reading tonight

16. August 2004 • Brian Kerr
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First reading of the porch couch ban is tonight at 7:00PM. Here are some relevant resources:

  1. You can read the language of the ordinance at this very site.
  2. Murph has posted some notes about tonight’s reading, as well as a drafty argument against the ban.
  3. AAiO provides some more general information about the proposed ban.
  4. Detroit “Free” Press: Couch ban could ignite student protest at U-M.

(Thanks to George for pointing out the Free Press article.)

  1. At this AAiO posting

    “Rumor Monger” suggests the mayor and other folks think there’s an arsonist on the loose. Why they need to ban outdoor upholstered furniture to stop him/her is beyond me…
       —Scott Trudeau    Aug. 16 '04 - 03:44PM    #
       —Pug    Aug. 16 '04 - 06:26PM    #
  3. Please ignore the line in the article where it says “Grinshpun said he’ll help lead the charge to save couches.”

    I never said anything like that. I told the reporter I would be happy to participate in action against the couch ban, but never said I would “lead” anything. In terms of leadership charisma, I make Woody Allen look like Martin Luther King.

    I hate it when stuff like this happens. Oh well, that’s journalism I suppose.
       —Matthew G    Aug. 16 '04 - 08:59PM    #