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Our Boy in Baghdad

16. August 2004 • Ari Paul
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CHICAGO-Metro Times this week features a story about U-M alum David Enders, a former Michigan Daily reporter who is now covering for the war in Iraq for various publications including the South China Morning Post and High Times.

MT reports, “For Enders, the human stories haven’t been hard to find, because he lives among Iraqis. He makes friends among them and says he’ll miss the people when he’s gone. He’s even been to the home of a mujahadeen.”

Enders became infamous when he along with his British mates came to Iraq and started the countries first English language newspaper, The Baghdad Bulletin. His book on his adventures will be published on University of Michigan Press, and for further dispatches, click here.

For an example of the Bulletin’s hard-hitting journalism, click here.

  1. As he says in his blog’s sort of like running a clip show while I’m on vacation.

    He’s in Palestine at the moment, I believe. “Vacation.”
       —Scott Trudeau    Aug. 17 '04 - 10:29AM    #