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3rd Ward Green Launches Site, Blog

17. August 2004 • Scott Trudeau
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Green Party candidate Marc Reichardt for city council, 3rd ward, has launched a campaign web site with an accompanying blog. He says he intends to update the blog daily.

> Campaign Blog

His first entry discusses the heated, if minor, issue of the moment: the porch couch ban:

Appropriately enough, the web site went live tonight, the 16th, while city council was beginning the decision-making process on one of the most tempestuous civil issues of recent months: the couch ordinance. I’ve received a lot of conflicting information on this issue, from the mayor to those who happen to live in houses with a couch sitting on the front porch. If it IS a genuine public safety issue, then one wonders why there hasn’t been more coverage of it in the local media. If it’s not, why go through the hassle of persecuting a large chunk of the population for an issue of aesthetics?