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Ding dong, the couch ban is...something

17. August 2004 • Murph
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The Ann Arbor News’ article on last night’s council meeting, Council shelves couch ban, provides some interesting material.

“I don’t anticipate it coming back,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Chris Easthope after it was tabled by the City Council on Monday night.

“It’s not dead! It’s not dead!” said an excited Council Member Leigh Greden, D-3rd Ward, when he was told some had questioned whether the proposed ban was dead.

The council was expected to vote on the first reading of the proposed ordinance Monday night, but Greden made a motion to table it when he found there weren’t enough votes to support the ban.

It looks as though the couch ban, which seemed to be a sure thing a month ago, is now fighting for its life—in the News’ telling, Greden’s move to table sounds like a desperate attempt to keep the issue alive.