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721 S. State St. Demolished Today at Noon

19. August 2004 • Scott Trudeau
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This just came across the law school email list:

In case anybody is interested in watching the development house come tumbling down, I just received word that between 12 and 1:00 the action will begin and by the end of the day the house won’t be there.

The development house is 721 S. State St.—I believe it’s the house in the middle of the parking lot between Hill and Monroe Streets.

Sorry for the short notice. I’ll try and take some cam phone before/after pics (I really need to start carrying my “good” camera around).

Early photos of the demolition here.

  1. I ran into Scott at the site and it was totally awesome—the back of the house was really close to some utility lines, so that corner of the house was carefully demolished ‘inwards’...
       —Brian    Aug. 19 '04 - 04:08PM    #
  2. Click Here for some early shots of the destruction. I hope to go back later and send some more photos from my phone.

    > via my blog
       —Scott Trudeau    Aug. 19 '04 - 04:40PM    #