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Local newspapers bought out

19. August 2004 • Murph
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The Trenton, NJ, based Journal Register Company has completed a buy-out of 21st Century Newspapers; one of their new acquisitions, the Chelsea Standard, reports on the deal,

The acquisition includes four daily newspapers: The Daily Oakland Press (67,750 daily circulation and 81,500 Sunday), The Macomb Daily (45,500 daily, 67,000 Sunday), The Daily Tribune in Royal Oak (13,000 daily, 15,000 Sunday) and The Morning Sun in Mount Pleasant (11,000 daily, 13,000 Sunday). The acquisition also includes 87 nondaily publications, with approximately 1.5 million nondaily distribution.

In addition to the Chelsea Standard, the acquisition includes the local weeklies Ypsilanti Courier, Dexter Leader, Saline Reporter, Milan News-Leader, Manchester Enterprise, and The View (Belleville)—nearly every weekly in or near Washtenaw County.

  1. In other media news, Air America is coming to Ann Arbor tomorrow (Monday) on 1290 WLBY (formerly WHNE). Here’s an article on it.
       —Jim J    Aug. 22 '04 - 03:34PM    #