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Found item: Angell Hall

20. August 2004 • Brian Kerr
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Found on the ‘Posting Wall’ in Angell Hall, near televisions tuned to UMTV—please find a few good laughs between punctuation and usage errors:

In the USSR, during Stalin’s reign, a loudspeaker was placed in every public square in every village, town and city. It broadcast the regime’s political propaganda during most of the day. At the University of Michigan, a far more sophisticated device was purchased and installed at a cost that could have gone to assist needy students, in order to convey the administration’s line on a few social issues. It uses electricity, generates noise and is watched by no one—except one associate dean who was observed admiring himself on the screen. Is this a good use of taxpayer and tuition money?

Q: What’s more dangerous than something that “uses electricity, generates noise and is watched by no one”?
A: A porch couch.