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Ann Arbor IRV Misses 2004 Ballot, Aims for 2005

24. August 2004 • Murph
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The group trying to put an initiative on Ann Arbor’s ballot to enable instant runoff voting in city elections failed to collect enough signatures by their August 2 deadline, so the measure will not be on this November’s ballot. They are now seeking to collect 6000 signatures by June of 2005 in order to put the measure on next year’s ballot.

Signature collection has been primarily done, so far, by members of the Huron Valley Greens, though the IRV backers are currently seeking other Ann Arbor residents interested in circulating petitions. They plan to have a blog set up soon to chart the signature drive’s progress; until then, anyone interested in collecting signatures is asked to contact Libby Hunter or to attend an August 31st meeting, 7:30pm at Sweetwaters Cafe.

Instant runoff voting is not new to Ann Arbor—local blogger Larry Kestenbaum (the Democratic candidate for Washtenaw County Clerk and Registrar of Deeds) has discussed IRV’s role in improving ballot access for 3rd parties and independants and the Huron Valley Greens’ webpage details Ann Arbor’s use of IRV in Al Wheeler’s 1975 mayoral election. The website for the 2004 ballot drive has more information and links on IRV, but appears not to have been updated to reflect the new, 2005 target.

  1. Y’know, it’s pretty sad that the IRV folks managed to blow this opportunity. It’s gonna be another four years before people vote en masse again.
    And hell, I support IRV and I had no idea they were doing a petition drive.
       —js    Aug. 27 '04 - 10:13AM    #
  2. Check out the site and vote
    in the 2004 Presidential Michigan ballot
    but with IRV instead of winner-take-all!
       —chuck    Sep. 14 '04 - 11:49PM    #