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IM Building Renovation Photos Posted

25. August 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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South campus residents will be happy to hear renovations at the Intermural Building on South State are just a bit behind schedule, and newly renovated workout spaces are nearly completed.

The Rec Sports department has posted an update about the construction progress as well as a number of digital photos of the interior of the building, as well as photos of work being done there, on the Palmer Tennis Courts and in the CCRB.

  1. does anyone know how access to the climbing wall works?
       —mike swiryn    Aug. 26 '04 - 01:39AM    #
  2. Wow, and here I chose to not go to the gym while the NCRB was closed this week for intercession. The IMSB looks nice; I might have to use it next week just ‘cause.
       —Eric Goldberg    Aug. 28 '04 - 04:36PM    #