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Fahrenheit 9/11 Opens June 25th

2. June 2004 • Scott Trudeau
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According to this Reuters story , Michael Moore’s latest documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 will open June 25th in the US. Disney refused to distribute the film via its subsidiary Miramax. Michael Eisner said, ”... we just didn’t want to be in the middle of a politically-oriented film during an election year.” Bob and Harvey Weinstein negotiated a deal with Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. and IFC Films to distribute the film.

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UPDATE: The “nationwide” openining on the 25th will likely only be New York, LA and Chicago. Other markets (like Ann Arbor), will likely get it the following week, July 2.

  1. see the
       —Mark    Jun. 5 '04 - 10:01AM    #
  2. try again.

    see the trailer
       —Mark    Jun. 5 '04 - 10:02AM    #
  3. News fuckin’ flash: 911 opens at the Michigan Theater on June 25.
       —Brian    Jun. 9 '04 - 04:57PM    #