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13. September 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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—I’ve posted a few thoughts on voting on the Goodspeed Update. The deadline to register for the Novembe 2 election is October 4th!

—President Mary Sue Coleman will address the campus Monday, Sept. 20.

—There is a special election tomorrow, Sept. 14. On the ballot is a millage for special education in Washtenaw County.

  1. Hey Rob, I know you have done it elsewhere before but shouldn’t you articulate the reasons why voting locally rather than absentee is a good idea, beyond mere convenience?
       —Matt    Sep. 14 '04 - 03:20AM    #
  2. People can now vote in an IRV demonstration poll for the seven candidates for President on the Michigan ballot in 2004. Go to and
    click on “DemoChoice Polls” to see the current results. If you want to vote, register at the “Help Support A2IRV” button and log-in at the “Log In” button, then go to the “DemoChoice Polls” button.
       —chuck    Sep. 15 '04 - 12:13AM    #