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Bowling for Canines

2. June 2004 • Scott Trudeau
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Ann Arbor’s Canine Social Club is holding a bowl-a-thon fundraiser this Saturday from 7pm to 10pm at Colonial Lanes on South Industrial. Cost is $20 for unlimited bowling, including shoes.

The Canine Social Club was founded just over a year ago by dog owners from the Ann Arbor area to advocate for off-leash dog parks in the Ann Arbor area. Many area residents formerly used the field adjacent to Pall Life Sciences (formerly Gelman Sciences, infamous for polluting our groundwater with 1,4 Dioxane ) on Wagner Rd. to run dogs off-leash. Last year, Pall informed dog owners they were no longer welcome, resulting in the formation of Canine Social Club. Off-leash dog parks are increasingly common across the country. Ann Arbor is unique among more progressive cities for not having off-leash recreation areas.

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