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U-M Students Launch Voter Registration Drive

20. September 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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M Go Vote!

With the modest goal of 15,000 new registrations before the fast approaching October 4 deadline, Voice Your Vote is taking unprecedented steps to get results. VYV, a commission of the Michigan Student Assembly, has linked itself with administrators and student organizations across campus in order to consolidate voter registration efforts on campus.

Starting last Friday, VYV is going door-to-door in the residence halls in what they are calling “Dorm Storm.” Dozens of volunteers with pre-prepared registration forms will knock on every single door over the next two weeks. Additionally, VYV is setting up shop on the diag to catch students as they cros campus on their daily routines.

And in an attempt to broaden the network of students working to register potential voters, VYV is offering student organizations $1 for every registration card turned in to the VYV office. This student org incentive is expected to yield major results.

So far, VYV has reported 3000 new registrations since school began, so they’ll have to work hard and fast to meet their goal by the Michigan registration deadline of October 4. After that, VYV will refocus to “get out the vote,” and ensure that every student on campus participates in the November 2 election.

Important Registration Info (from the VYV website):

  • in Michigan, you must register by October 4
  • out-of-state students can register in Ann Arbor
  • anyone, including first time voters, may vote absentee

for more information, visit the Voice Your Vote website at