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"U" servers experience service interruption

22. September 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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UPDATE – 2:04 AM: The servers are back on. The hour-long e-mail crisis for the technologically dependant is finally at an end.

Several minutes before 1:00 AM today (Wednesday, 9/21), the web domain and all of its subdomains went offline without warning. This includes all access to mail – through web, pine, or 3rd party application.

This outage is espcially peculiar because of the subdomain outage ( – e.g., It is impossible to say whether this is simply a web connectivity problem or a problem with the internal functioning of the servers.

We’ll keep you posted…

  1. The University’s network backbone went down, effectively knocking the Umich domain offline for a little over an hour.
       —Andrew    Sep. 22 '04 - 10:02AM    #