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Michael Moore tickets sell out

23. September 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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The tickets for Michael Moore’s speaking enagagement [ entry ] scheduled next Wednesday, Sept. 29 at Hill Auditorium have sold out. They went on sale this morning at 9 am at the Michigan Union Ticket Office and sold at a rate of almost 500 tickets an hour all day. The lines never subsided, and many did not end up getting a ticket.

Those who missed their chance should keep a close eye out, as the organizers of the event (myself included) may be recruiting volunteer ushers. Additionally, anyone interested in working voter registration at the event should contact me at with MOORE REG in the subject line.

Also, we are looking for several qualified Film/Video students to assist us in recording the event. If you think you may be interested, contact me at with MOORE TAPING in the subject line.

For questions, e-mail


    Some schools let common sense decide who comes and who doesn’t.
       —T.J.    Sep. 23 '04 - 11:34PM    #
  2. When did Michael Moore become more popular than Wilco? I mean, he’s okay, but I’m gettin’ sorta sick of him. He was better in the Roger & Me days.
       —Brandon    Sep. 24 '04 - 02:35AM    #
  3. He hates Bush. That’s all you need to be popular these days.

    I mean, Ben friggin Afleck bashed Bush, appeared on O’Reilly during the DNC and made an ass of himself, and suddenly he was in the news.

    Ben Affleck.

    Anyone who takes Ben Affleck’s opinion on politics seriously needs to be shot in the head. Period. We don’t need stupidity like that procreating.
       —T.J.    Sep. 24 '04 - 02:43AM    #
  4. Here is my problem with speakers like this; Often, they come to campus, speak and leave. No one gets to ask them the hard questions. There is no debate or discussion of what they think or say. I don’t care if the person coming is pro- or anti- whatever. When you just let someone come and speak then all it is, is dogma. We need to get people together in a situation so that we can really get to the meat of the matter.

    Random example; the other day on NPR show, they were talking nuclear weapons, and a lady called up and was going on and on about how the internation atomic inspection teams were not allowed to go search Israel, but felt that US influence in that matter kept all the focus on getting inspections in Iran & N. Korea. OK, but someone needed to explain to this women that Isreal is not part of the treaty that authorizes those inspection, hence the inspectors have no legal grounds to inspect Israel. Now there are a million stupid lefty-types out there who will go around asking questions like ‘why doesn’t israel have to get nuclear inspection?’.

    This is where the Right is kicking the Lefts ass, in the details and the arguments. More makes a lot of bad arguments and says a lot of stupid stuff and then people don’t even bother to research it they just blindly believe. Now don’t get me wrong there are idiots in the right too, but the right does a better job of keeping the people with bad arguments out of site.

    Another example, M. Moore on the O’Riley factor. O’Riley wanted to beat down the point that Moore called Prz Bush a liar, and asked him what he lied about. Moore goes on AND on about bush saying there were WMD in Iraq, and how thats a lie. Well, O’Riley defines a lie (dictionary time for some of you). O’riley veiw is that bush was given bad info from the CIA and other 3letter types, and passed along that misinformation. Making what he said not a lie, but instead a mistake based on bad information.

    Those who want to argue weather or not bush is a liar, should REALLy know what the word means first.
       —Just a Voice    Sep. 24 '04 - 10:06AM    #
  5. So you all know – we currently are looking into how much control we have over the format. We would LOVE to see Moore take questions. We are totally aware of the fact that Moore does not usually reach new audiences, just the same ones over and over and we want to make this event as dynamic as possible.
       —Matthew Wright Hollerbach    Sep. 24 '04 - 01:45PM    #
  6. We would like to do some leafletting promoting Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) at Moore’s visit. Could we get a table at this event? Could we pass out fliers at this event inside the building? Could Michael do a small plug for IRV at the event?
       —Chuck    Sep. 24 '04 - 10:18PM    #