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University to Add, Renovate Residence Halls

24. September 2004 • Brandon
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In hopes of easing the housing crunch and improving living conditions, University of Michigan administrators announced plans this week to build at least one apartment-style residential building (the first new residence hall to be built since 1967), renovate Stockwell and Mosher-Jordan halls, and make cafeteria improvements throughout campus. From The Ann Arbor News article:

The University of Michigan plans to spend up to $280 million in the next 10 years to build at least one new residence hall and make extensive renovations to five aging halls.

Carole Henry, director of University Housing and assistant vice president for university affairs, unveiled the conceptual plan to the U-M Board of Regents Thursday.

Key elements of the plan call for the first phase of work to be finished by 2008, when renovations to one older residence hall will be complete and a new residence hall with up to 650 beds will be open – the first to be built since 1967.

Dining facilities would also be improved, offering a greater variety of foods, arranged much like a mall’s food court instead of a cafeteria.

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  1. I was just thinking about this, and I wanted to make a plea to you all. I realize most of you don’t live in dorms or have meal plans, but perhaps you know people who do…

    There is something very simple and easy that you could do that would make someone’s life better. I hope you would consider doing it.

    Next time you are eating in the cafeteria, go and grab a bagel or a couple slices of bread and some meat and make a sandwich. Take that sandwich, wrap it in a napkin and smuggle it out of the cafeteria in your backpack or whatever.

    Then, take a walk up State St or down South U and give that sandwich to a homeless person.

    Some people say that the homeless people will take the money you give them and buy liquor, and for that reason, they don’t give to them. That is probably true in a lot of cases.

    But they can’t really sell a sandwich. And at least they would go to bed with something in their stomach.

    Go ahead and rip me or whatever, but at least keep my request in mind the next time you see a bunch of food in front of you that you won’t eat. There are people nearby you that would love to have it.
       —T.J.    Sep. 24 '04 - 10:23PM    #
  2. I like the idea.

    As an ex-cafeteria employee, I saw ridiculous amounts of food just thrown out every day by both the students and the kitchen staff.
       —Elliott M    Sep. 25 '04 - 10:30AM    #