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Thousands gather in Detroit to demand action

26. September 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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Thousands of church and community organizations will rally in Detroit this afternoon, including several hundred students from U-M. MOSES (Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength), a Detroit based interfaith coalition, is holding a rally with community members and local leaders, designed hold elected officials accountable to their constituents.

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About 7,000 people will gather in University of Detroit Mercy’s Calihan Hall for “Can You Hear Us Now?: A Rally for Regional Unity and Accountability.” According to the MOSES website, the event seeks to address “issues such as urban revitalization, adequate health care, regional public transportation, and infrastructure repair while preserving natural areas from unwanted development, as well as ensuring the civil rights of Michigan residents, including immigrants and other ethnic minorities.”

Residential College Junior Ryan Bates has been working as an organizer with MOSES since May, and has helped organize a large contingent of U-M students and faculty to join MOSES in Detroit. This will include several dozen volunteers with Voice Your Vote, who have been working with MOSES since early September. The groups have been sharing strategies for voter mobilization, and today, VYV volunteers will handle voter registration and education at the event.

If you are a U-M student interested in attending this event, please come to the Michigan League no later than 1:30 to secure a spot on the buses. Look for VYV volunteers in blue “M VOTE” t-shirts to direct you to the bus captains.

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