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Islam Awareness Week

4. October 2004 • Dumi Lewis
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Islam, one the world’s oldest, most practiced and misunderstood religions, will be showcased this week during Islam Awareness Week hosted by the Muslim Student Association. Find your way to one of these excellent events.

  1. Islamic Awareness Week (IAW) is an excellent source of knowledge on Islam, whether it be basic or advanced. Lectures and discussions surround topics from women’s issues and Muslim-American identity. This year’s final event is a screening of the phenomenal documentary, “By Dawn’s Early Light: Chris Jackson’s Journey to Islam.” I encourage each and every one of you readers to attend!
       —FA    Oct. 4 '04 - 03:09AM    #
  2. Uh, sorry man but I just don’t count 1400 years old as the worlds oldest religion, Actually even of the main western religions its the YOUNGEST!!! Christianity hass some 600+ years on on it and Judiasm has even more, then look at the eastern religions for even older.

    “most misunderstood”? – well, If it’s the Most practiced, then can’t we also assume that it’s also the MOST understood.
       —Just a Voice    Oct. 4 '04 - 09:14AM    #
  3. JAV: The original post says one of the… not the oldest, etc.

    Pay more attention. ;)
       —Eric    Oct. 4 '04 - 06:10PM    #
  4. Eric, you are correct in that I missed that little bit of semantics, BUT I could still make a strong argument that of the major religions practiced today in the world it is one of the youngest.

    Americans are so ignorant of Islam (and most other things too) that they just have no clue. I read something on IMC a few weeks back. The article said that jews, christians and muslims have been living in the middle-east together in peace for almost 2000 years. To me both articles are equally as bad in totally distorting BASIC FACTS.

    so yes, I didn’t read it as well as I could have, but can still make my argument stand strong
       —Just a Voice    Oct. 5 '04 - 09:40AM    #
  5. You are incredibly immature—- making conflict out of a 100% nonthreatening post which simply cited a cultural event on campus.

    You may well be making your argument strong, but there’s no need to argue in the first place.

    Grow up. Go join a debate team if you want to argue for fun.
       —Matthew Wright Hollerbach    Oct. 5 '04 - 01:36PM    #